An augmented reality application for Android smart phones


1 Computer Science Department, Faculty of Science, Minia University, Al Minia 61519, Egypt

2 Faculty of Computers and Information, South Valley University, Qena, Egypt.

3 Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, South Valley University, Qena, Egypt


Augmented Reality (AR) is a generic term for associating interactive 2D, 3D objects that blends
with our physical reality, sometimes through a camera during this case, with an associated Android
device camera. By definition, augmented reality (AR) will be alive, whether directly or indirectly,
and will be able to distinguish items in the actual world that have been enhanced by computergenerated
sensory input like sound, visual images, or GPS data.. The “AR system” mobile
application is constructed by taking photos and videos of a specific building among a University
(as example) and making a presentation (by scanning all pictures). While a user focuses his/her
Android device camera on a specific image of any building inside faculty, the information
associated with that specific department is displayed, when “recognizing” that building from the
archived photos.
This paper aims to developing an Android augmented reality application that will have the aptitude
to point out university field connected information like libraries, schools, and courses offered from
a specific department. All this information is offered by obtaining sensing element knowledge from
your Android device camera and overlaying pictures in real-time. This application will also help < br />University students to induce information concerning events, faculty, department, or explicit
department connected courses with only a click on this application. This AR application uses
Vuforia as a package platform and C# as a programming language that provides superior visionbased
image recognition and offers the widest set of options and capabilities to enhance the
University field guide for the scholars to induce to understand their University faster and easier.
The appliance has been prototyped of a set of field buildings.