A Survey Paper of Information Hiding by Using Steganography Techniques

Document Type : Survey Article


Faculty of Computers and Information, Minia University, Al Minia 61519, Egypt


The practice of hiding communication by enclosing data in other data is known as steganography. 
There are many different carrier file kinds available, but due to their popularity on the Internet, digital 
photographs are the most popular. From ancient times to the present, the protection of secret 
information has always been a major concern. The basic goal of steganography is to hide the existence 
of the message so that an attacker cannot detect it. To incorporate hidden information, any type of 
cover item, such as text, image, or video, can be used. In this paper, a brief overview of steganography 
which is one of the main branches of information hiding is explained and covers its primary forms, 
categorization, and uses.