Decision Making in an Information System Via Pawlak’s Rough Approximation

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Department of Physics and Engineering Mathematics, Faculty of Engineering,


The original rough set model was based on a special kind of topological
structure whose partition resulted from an equivalence relation. We have shown
that real-world problems can be dealt with using the modern topological struc-
ture induced by Pawlak’s rough approximation. In this research, actual in-
formation was collected for some patients in hospitals, health centers, isolation
centers and some symptoms were recorded through the ” World Health Organi-
zation” website enabled us analyze their data. By establishing an information
system in which data can be analyzed using rough topology in order to draw
conclusion about the most important symptoms in disease confirmation. This paper demonstrates
that contemporary topology can effectively address real-world issues. The concepts
of modern topology and basis have been deployed to ascertain the determinants of
a recent outbreak of the virus ”COVID-19,” widely documented globally, the modern topological model aligns well with clinical applications, as endorsed by medical specialists.