Dynamic Responce of DC Motor Via Fuzzy Logic and PID Controllers

Document Type : Original Article


Fuzzy set Theory of Lotfi A. Zadeh (1965) [1] has been one of the most important area for researches due to its advanced applications in many fields which has the ability to deal with non-linearity and independence of plant modeling, especially in Electrical machines and its control techniques to reach optimum Dynamic response with load variations. In this paper control of direct current (DC) motor with conventional controls proportional–integral–derivative (PID) and fuzzy logic control (FLC) has been investigated and compared with each others for different operating conditions. The mathematical model of Dc motor was modeled and simulated in Matlab Simulink (Mathworks) with illustrated graphs and plots. The performance of the model is expected to show a great results for the fuzzy logic control (FLC) over the PID control [2].