Intelligent Traffic Control System for Over-Saturated Signalized Intersections in Kuwait..

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Engineering, Mechanical, University of Bahrain, Bahrain.


This paper proposes a new intelligent traffic control (ITC) system which is more efficient than the traffic control system currently used in the state of Kuwait. The proposed ITC system is designed as a dynamic system by using a fuzzy expert system; the fuzzy rules are applied in the visual basic and computer-based program (Excel) to run the validation process. The developed control system applied on five intersections in the grid network at four periods. The results show that the number of vehicles passing the intersection phases is increased in most phases by an average of 12.9% at the first period, 23.3% at the second period, 10.4% at the third period and by 21.2% at the fourth period. For the same periods, the phases green time is increased by an average of 9.1%, 5.8%, 9.9% and 6.3%. And the number of intersection cycles remains constant at the most time which means that the developed control system distributes the phases green time dynamically based on the traffic situation.


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